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An extension of Swensen’s, its immensely popular sister restaurant, Earle Swensen’s has roots dating back to its San Francisco beginnings. Much of the menu has been developed with the City by the Bay in mind. To appease increasingly health-conscious palates, charbroiled entrees have become a menu mainstay. The unique differentiation that Earle Swensen’s possesses is its buffet salad bar, which features a variety of compound salads, fresh greens and fruits. There are 25-30 different selections of healthy greens and fruits at any one time, and a wide variety of homemade dressings. Choice of ingredients reflects seasonal availability, and every entrée comes with the buffet salad bar. The salad bar is also available a la carte. Using only the finest ingredients to develop the perfect blend, Earle Swensen’s also offers a wide range of delicious gelato flavours that are enjoyed by both the young and young at heart. Popular flavours include Durian, Cheese Cookies, Pistachio and Dark Chocolate.