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About Us

An extension of Swensen’s, its immensely popular sister restaurant, Earle Swensen’s has roots dating back to its San Francisco beginnings. Much of the menu has been developed with the City by the Bay in mind.

Starting from our mouth-watering appetizers such as Earle’s Signature Sampler Set, which comes with blue mussels, breaded shrimps, crispy chicken and hash browns paired with garlic aioli, to our premium Charbroiled Ribeye Steak and decadent Gelato Sundaes featuring fan-favourite Dark Opera Chocolate, you’ll be left spoiled for choice at Earle Swensen’s!

At Earle Swensen’s, you can be assured that only the finest of ingredients are used to develop the perfect blend of gelato and ice cream, such as popular flavours Durian, Cheese Cookies, Pistachio and Dark Chocolate, giving your taste buds an exceptional treat.