mochi-snowskin ice cream mooncakes

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Delightfully soft and chewy, the new and improved skin encapsulates a luscious core of your favorite ice cream. Available in-store, takeaway and delivery platforms.


Mao Shan Wang:

The king of kings, made with 100% highest grade of rich and intense Mao Shan Wang puree.

Sticky Chewy Chocolate:

An iconic crowd’s favorite, immerse in the irresistibly sticky and chewy chocolate.

Cookies ‘N’ Cream:

A luscious delight of creamy Vanilla ice cream with cookie-filled goodness.


Discover the delightful dance of sweetness and tartness with real strawberry bits within.

Durian King (D24):

Delve into rich and fragrant harmony of the exquisite Durian King.


Savor the nutty, toasty notes of green tea-infused delight.


Experience the earthy notes and subtle sweetness of this captivating purple yam.

Lychee Rose:

This enchanting blend embodies lychee’s floral notes and rose-infused bliss.

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